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Crazy Team Ridenfaden

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What's a Ridenfaden?

Crazy Team Ridenfaden is a diverse group of cyclists based in Louisville, KY who ride year-round each and every Wednesday night, ending up at a little bar in German-Paristown called Seidenfaden's Cafe - hence Riden + faden. Summer heat, snow, and freezing cold - many of us ride year-round all over town and the surrounding area (this is where the Crazy comes in). What began as two cyclists cutting a ride short for a cold beverage at Seidenfaden's in 2009 has now grown into more than 600 riders for 2021.

We pay no dues, just our tabs. Some of us race; some pretend to race, some slow roll. Ridenfaden is made up of all levels of rider from beginners to pro and everything else in-between. We ride the road, we ride gravel, and we ride in the dirt on mountain bike trails all over the region. What unites us is our love of cycling and our support for local businesses (and our local bartenders).

While our weekly Wednesday night ride and monthly bike movie night at Seidenfaden’s are our main attraction, Ridenfaden hosts numerous rides every month of the year. From 20 mile spins around town to our epic 100 mile centuries around the city. We're always exploring and looking for new routes and opportunities to grow our cycling community.


Come join the fun EVERY Wednesday evening year round (yes, even in freezing cold)! REALLY FAST group 1 ride leaving from Willow Park, 1402 Willow Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 at 6:45 or the SLOW AND EASY group 2 ride leaving from Seidenfaden’s Cafe, 1134 Breckenridge St, Louisville, KY 40204 at 6:30.


Both groups end up at Seidenfaden's 8 o’clock, for post ride beverages and socializing. Masks required. We also tend to have more challenging weekend rides and post ride meet-ups. See you then! Seidenfaden's, "where we park inside".


As the positivity rate continues to drop in Kentucky Ridenfaden plans to restart small group rides. We will take safety precaution, however, please remember that solo rides or small rides with close contacts remain safest. It is our responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus. If Kentucky’s positivity rate starts increasing or riders are not abiding by the safety rules group rides will be stopped.

Individual responsibility:

  1. Monitor yourself (and any close contacts) for any signs or symptoms of COVID. Please do not attend any ride if you have had any of the following in the last 14 days: fever, chills, muscle aches, shortness of breath, cough, congestion, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches or loss of sense of smell.
  2. Please take your temperature before leaving for the ride and do not attend the ride if you have a fever.
  3. Anyone attending a group ride should not have risk factors for COVID. Anyone over 65, with pa re-existing condition or who is immunocompromised should avoid group rides until they have been vaccinated.
  4. Anyone who has traveled to an area with high numbers of COVID cases or has had a possible COVID exposure should not attend group rides.
  5. Maintain social distancing when gathering for the ride (6 feet apart).
  6. Wear a mask pre-ride, post ride and at any longer stop lights.
  7. Do not share any food or drinks with others.
  8. Minimize droplet exposure. If you need to cough, sneeze or blow your nose move away from the group.

Group responsibility:

  1. Break into small groups (less than 10) and do not merge with other groups once the ride has started.
  2. The fastest group will start first. There will then be 3 minutes between each small group’s departure.
  3. If a later group approaches an earlier group slow down and do not overtake the earlier group.
  4. Each small group will have a captain responsible for maintaining their group’s distance.
  5. If there are people with whom you regularly ride or have close contact with try to form a small group with them.

- Crazy Team Ridenfaden

Falls City Beer Seidenfaden Cafe

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